GIP COIN Node Mining Program Application Form Factor Blockchain

GIP COIN Node Mining Program Application Form

This contract is about a node mining program that generates 30% ROI (mining operation reward 6%, node mining reward 24%) by staking GIP COIN held in personal wallet on the Factor mainnet for 365 days (1 year). Mining volume is reduced by 10% per year. 1,000 GIP COINs are deposited for 1 GIP COIN node, and 50 GIP COINs are charged for a node mining program installation fee.

※ The personal information collected from users when concluding this contract is as follows.

- When applying for a contract, we collect the wallet address and private key of your personal wallet as a required item.
The new wallet address and private key submitted will never be used other than when concluding a node contract.
we ensure you not to expose or deliver your personal wallet information to others. The submitted wallet address and private key are valid for 7 days from the date of submission.
It will be stored for 7 days and then, permanently deleted after 7 days.

※ Use of collected personal information

- Personal wallet address: To check if the amount of GIPCOINs equivalent to the amount applied for the node is in your wallet. - Personal wallet private key: necessary to stake a node because your personal wallet private key is entered into the program.

※ Right to refuse personal information consent

- Users have the right to refuse the collection and use of personal information consent.
If you refuse to consent to the provision of personal wallet address and private key, please note that application for the node mining program is not possible.

GIPCOIN Node Mining Program Application Form

E-mail (required)

Referrer's personal wallet address

Node operator personal wallet address (optional)

Node operator private wallet private key (optional)

Node applicant’s personal wallet address (required)

Node applicant personal wallet private key (required)

Quantity you wish to apply for (required)


Wallet address for Node mining program installation fee deposit

※ After depositing 50 GIPCOIN per node for the fee, please enter your wallet address below.

Personal wallet address where the fee was deposited (required)