Factor Blockchain MULTI-X BLOCKCHAIN World's Best Factor Blockchain To Connect All Blockchains
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  • Patented node update technology, speed accelerates as the number of nodes increases
  • 12,000 times faster than existing block chains
  • The Factor block chain is equipped with a patented algorithm-based seed node, TPS speed reach the speed of light


  • Compatible with both new and existing block chains
  • Can be extended to various industrial fields such as self driving vehicles, IOT, 5G
  • Connected to each user with a Factor adapter (DApp), optimized for each utilization


  • Uses US NSA hash cipher-based quantum mechanics cryptography
  • Connections from outside the Factor Blockchain are secured through the Oracle session
  • Provides further anonymity through Private Send function

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ALL New DApp

Next Generation BlockChain Technology Combined with DApp Algorithm

Factor DAPP is compatible with Ethereum, EOS graphene technology, and contains a Factor Toolkit that can be applied to existing blockchains and combined with various ecosystems


Excellent Scalability
Easily upgraded and compatible with software development

Extreme Speed

no more need of Sharding to increase TPS,
More advanced technology than before with Factor Blockchain

The Factor Blockchain utilizes a patented node update method, the node network chooses to make speed its highest priority.

Please refer to Factor business description for detailed specifications and technical information.

Throw away an old one

Just as communication has progressed from 4G to 5G,
block chains needs to be changed to match the fastest technology.

  • Speedslow
  • FunctionsDifficulty in adding functions
  • UpdateUpdate difficulty
  • TechnologyTechnology of the first generation
Improvement in function and cost for securing new technology
FactorFactor Blockchain
High scalability / reduced maintenance costs
  • The Ultimate in SpeedHigh security / fast speed
  • Easy to ExpandFactor Dapps
  • Easy to Updateadding and upgrading functions
  • New TechnologyFactor MX for Next Generation


With security and compatibility covered through the Oracle session
when connected to the outside world, it provides more powerful
multi-algorithm security and brilliant computing power.

Achieve the best speed, Utilization, and compatibility with Factor Blockchain