Features Factor Blockchain

Factor block chain has


  1. If the existing coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Quantum, etc) are connected to the Factor Blockchain, then the original functions of the coins are maintained, while allowing more Factor functions to be used.
  2. The Factor block has many patented algorithms and can be optimized for every usage, by connecting to the DAPP for every user's need.
  3. Factor can be added to the main block, so it can be used in all systems. Factor Blockchain is the next generation of blockchain that can cope with the growth of software development and the 5G communication network speed.


  1. The node selection method of Factor is a patented node update technology, speed accelerates as the number of nodes increases.
  2. 12,000 times faster than Bitcoin synchronization, the more users participate, the higher the limit the system can support. A block is created in around 1 second.
  3. As software technology develops due to the development of quantum computing, the current blockchain could become vulnerable.
    The Factor Blockchain is designed to be able to handle attacks from DDOS, to quantum computing attacks. Factor security systems are able to deal with all security threats.
  4. The Factor Main Blockchain has a speed algorithm that is much better than existing blockchain. The Factor Blockchain is passed on a different algorithm-based technology, seed node, which allow high TPS.


  1. The blockchain is encrypted through Proof Of Work (POW), so it is safe from hacking.
  2. In order to protect against the concentration of miners due to (POW) mining method, a masternode ( POS) is added to The Factor Blockchain, so that it is designed to perform safe node by maintaining decentralization of miners.
  3. The Factor Blockchain has a security function attached to each hash. Security is fundamental in general and for quantum computing. (NSA also uses the same security method). Connecting to Factor Blockchain from the outside the Oracle session is also secured. Oracle has excellent mobility protection and therefore used in parallel with the multiple hash algorithms of Factor, which provides incredible security. The Factor Technical Team therefore claims that it can guarantee the highest level of security.