Technical description Factor Blockchain

Factor hash structure

Factor is an Integrated Development Environment ( IDE) and a decentralized operating system powered by a coin mining algorithm creating a blockchain.

Factor Multi-X-blockchain includes 26 patented hash functions within its main block. And these 26 hashes are connected together by an algorithm. Since Factor Secp256r1 key formation method uses several algorithms, it has a superior security than a single algorithm method generated by Secp256k1 key. It never allows hacking to be easily possible.

Factor Node

Even though Factor Block adopts the 51% consensus method like other blockchains, Factor blockchain uses a patented spreading method. When a block is mined, the next node to receive the data is decided based on the speed priority. Connection from node 1 to node 2 and then node 3 is made, which makes node speed gradually faster as the number of node increases.

Since the current blockchain nodes are updated one after the other, they slow down as the number of nodes increases. Factor node update happens in parallel because every node of the network knows the IP addresses of all the other nodes. Factor node is a structure in which speed increases gradually as the number of nodes increases.

Principle of Factor blockchain

  • Factor provides a bi-directional communication with the 26-hashes function. Therefore, when hacking is attemped, hackers cannot reach the Factor BlockChain. Factor security is far superior to the security of current blockchain technology.

For more information, you can download the technical resources from the white paper page.

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